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Dear Fellow Adventurer, thank you for journeying to meet me.

Personal Philosophy

I believe that random acts of kindness, sharing our true self with others, laughing and taking some time to play can make each day an adventure and make you look forward to another tomorrow. I believe that life is God's gift to us to be lived out in a spirit of vitality, wonder and enjoyment; balanced, healthy and vibrant! Being a responsible steward of that life is our gift back to Him.

                                    LIFESTYLE WELLNESS =
I Guide Daring Explorers On Personal Adventures of Lifestyle Health, Wellness, Nourishment & Movement


Adventurer, Calatyzer, Christian, Contributor, Creative, Cross-Cultural, Curious, Encourager, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Mentor, Motivator, Resourceful, Supportive, Visionary

History,Personal & Professional


Throughout my growing-up years on the Bay of Fundy coast in South Western New Brunswick, as a family we participated in many fun outdoor activities and I carry many fond memories of those times. I am grateful to my parents for that upbringing.

As a late teen I began to eat healthier and growing in my interest in nutrition and the health benefits. Being quite shy and an introvert, this trait afforded me much time on my own for reading and learning. Later, based on my Christian values and sense of mission, I volunteered time in Mexico with LAM and later in Spain through my church. I began working in the Natural Health/Nutrition/Fitness Industry in 1990 in New Brunswick. During these
years, I was able to combine my knowledge of nutrition, supplementation and exercise to radically diminish the debilitating and incapacitating symptoms of endometriosis; a freedom I still enjoy today.

Through my employment with Bob and Marie Jay at Winning Ways Quality Nutrition, a lifestyle of fitness,
optimal physical conditioning, adventure, fun and the health benefits thereof, was modeled for me, planting seeds in my heart to later blossom. What really vaulted me into my present lifestyle of physical fitness and conditioning was a research trip to Nepal in 1997 as part of a 4-person team sent out from our church to visit a remote Tibetan Buddhist people group in Nepal. Whereas we would be trekking in altitudes of several thousand feet, optimal physical training and conditioning was a prerequisite. It was an adventure I will never forget. I 've also worked for a few years in the Human Service Field as well as in my own Pet-Sitting Service.

My quest for adventure and more opportunities brought me across the expanse of our great country to where I moved to BC in 2000. I began to learn how to strength train through the coaching of a good friend and also to experiment in many
outdoor recreational activities to where I have become a very enthusiastic outdoor adventurer enjoying a wide variety of activities.I enjoy trail-running, inline skating, hiking, camping,  cycling, kayaking, swimming, exploring new places,
beachcombing and trying new things. I hope to one day participate in an adventure race. While on the Lower Mainland had the opportunity to work in Natural Health/Nutrition Education at the Alive Academy of Natural Health in Burnaby and
also study and receive several Certifications. As I daily assisted students with their studies, my love of mentoring grew.

Through the prompting of then, Editor of Canada's Healthy Living Guide, Sandra Tonn, I began to
write Health and Wellness Articles that have been posted on several websites. Trying to discover where all my values and growing passions could be funneled, I enrolled in CoachU  www.coachu.com in 2003 and studied their Core Essentials Coaching Program. During that time I hired my own Coach, Stephanie Wood, who, as an expert motivator and mentor, Lifestyles Coach and Personal Trainer www.dancefitnessplus.com provided me with weekly telephone coaching support. It helped me to discover my own unique niche, true values and passions. Therefore, combining this mentoring, my education, training, life experiences - 'Health Adventure Coach' came into being. I see this as my Life-Work and Mission;an expression of my passion for Wellness, Preventative Health, Vitality, Fitness, Adventure, Mission and true enjoyment in supporting others in their own quest.

In the beginning of 2004 I spent 4 months in Mexico as a Translator, Nutritional Product Advisor as well as introducing a Virtual E-Business concept with some Colleagues. I moved to Victoria, BC soon after that. My stay in Victoria launched me into becoming a BCRPA Registered Fitness Leader in Weight Training, Nordic Walking, Third Age (55+) as well as progressing to become a Nordic Walking Master Trainer and Canadian Distributor Fittrek Miami, Inc.  
In October 2006, I resigned from being Canadian Distributor for Fittrek so I could engage myself fully in what I love to do: Working with people toward their health and wellness goals through fitness and to also focus on Certifying other Trainers to be Nordic Walking Instructors.
In 2007, while awaiting the year long process of immigrating to the USA, I taught nordic walking in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and New Westminster, BC. I also had a fantastic summer/fall teaching Survivor Bootcamp in New Westminster BC.                   
May 2008 I established Health Adventure Coach LLC in Fruiltand, ID serving the Treasure Valley from Boise to the SE Oregon communities of Ontario to Vale. I focus on At-Home, Backyard and Outdoor Exercise Programs including the retail of Fittrek Nordic Walking Poles & Accessories.
In October 2010 I moved to Winter Haven, Polk County Florida where my husband began a new career. My in-person services can be offered in Florida while my  online and phone services can continue in any state, province or country.
 Coaching Approach

I liken the journey to health and wellness to hiking, which is one of my favorite activities. Before you start, you should have a destination in mind, be familar with the difficulty level, elevation gains, a vague lay of the land, and possible
 obstacles or dangers you may run into. Having a map, compass, proper gear and provisions is a must as are having the skills or conditioning. If you do not take  adequate food and water or fail to fuel yourself properly before starting, it is likely your mission will be slowed; you may possibly suffer an injury because of your lack of focus and energy and may end up having to abort your mission.
One of the best ways to prepare for the journey is to have a Guide or experienced person who has hiked the trail and reached the top, knows the pitfalls, can offer you their expertise and knowledge and knowsthe best kind of gear and
 equipment to have. They won't do the climbing for you but is there when you need the extra help or hand. And what is better than reaching the top of the mountain, high-five-ing your hiking buddy,  enjoying the view and the
accomplishment together?


As your Coach,

I help you identify the mountains in your lifestyle you want to climb; like an experienced Trail Guide, will provide the required gear and mentor you with skills to surpass your obstacles; like a committed climbing partner, will hike up to the peaks with you, and from the summit we will celebrate the adventure and enjoy the view together !


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Nutrition Consulting, Older Adult Fitness (55+), Organic Skin/Bodycare Products, On-Site Coaching, Osteofit, Outdoor Adventures, Play, Resources: health, nutrition, diet, wellness, fitness, self-care, Small-Group Coaching, Sports Nutrition Advising, Strenth Training Program, Bootcamp Workouts, Telephone Coaching, Wellness Questionnaire, Weight Management Programs, Workshops


 Credentials & Experience
Weight Management Through Fitness & Nutrition - Human Kinetics (Aug 2008)
Muscular Strength And Range of Movement, CardioCircuit, Functional Fitness Assessments, YogaStretch -Silver Sneakers (July 2008)
CPR & AED Certification - American Red Cross  (July 2008)
Survivor Bootcamp Leadership Training www.survivorbootcamp.com
Osteofit, BC Women's Hospital    www.osteofit.org
Certificates:The Stable Knee, Shoulder Injuries, Awesome Abs, Pelvic Floor & Bladder Health
Adventure Retreat Coach Course  www.adventurecoach.com
Third Age (55+) Fitness Certificate, www.everydayathletes.ca
Distributor of FITTREK - Canadian Division (2006)
Qualified Nordic Walking Instructor  & Master Trainer with
'Fit-for-Life' Indoor Bootcamp Instructor  www.fitstop.ca
Nordic Walking Instructor with Nordic Walking Victoria, FrontRunners Footwear, Panorma Rec Centre, Fraser Valley Seniors
Resource Centre, CircuitFit for Women, Chilliwack YMCA
Personal Fitness Trainers Course  www.bodyblueprint.com
Weight Room Supervisor, 50 + Weight Training Program, Panorama Recreation Centre, Sidney BC
Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C Alert First-Aid Services  

Registered Strength Training Leader, BCRPA & Collage Fitness    www.bcrpa.bc.ca

Fitness Theory/Exercise Physiology Course, BCRPA & Collage Fitness

Customer Services and Sales Representative, VI Fitness

Core Essentials Coaching Certificate Program, CoachU    www.coachu.com

Diploma Advanced Nutrition, Alive Academy of Natural Health

Vegetarian Nutrition Certificate, Alive Academy

Registered Nutritional Products Advisor, Alive Academy

Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor, Alive Academy

Contributing Health & Wellness Writer

Student Services Coordinator, Alive Academy of Natural Health

Assistant Mgr, Mgr, Operations Mgr, Winning Ways Quality Nutrition, Winning Ways Activewear


Various voluntary roles at Calvary Chapel, Ontario, Oregon
Past Contributing Writer
Senior Living Magazine, Vancouver Island BC
Silver Threads Magazine, Sidney BC

Nordic Walking Speaker, Demontrator, Presentations

CANADA: Fitness Facilities, Seniors Centers/Groups, James Bay Community Project, Royal Oak Chiropractic, T.O.P.S., Front Runners Victoria & Langford, Hillside Mall Walking Club, Volkssport Walking Group, Elderhostel, Vancouver Osteoporosis Society, The Victoria Arthritis Society, Vancouver Island Health Authority, Hearts in Motion Walking Club, Saint John Regional Hospital Physiotherapists, UBC Rec, Fraser Valley Seniors Resource Centre, CircuitFit
for Women, Chilliwack YMCA
Oregon: Fit For Life Health Club(Ontario), Ontario Rec  Dept., Treasure Valley Community College, Ontario, Snake River Corrections Institute Staff, Ontario, OR
Idaho: Caldwell Family YMCA, West Branch Boise YMCA, Shu's Idaho Running Company, Nampa Health Fest, Fruitland Family Fun Days, Women's Celebrate All Show, Outdoor Parks in Treasure Valley ID & OR, Humphreys Diabetes Center, Boise, Idaho Dept of Health, Boise, Dept of Health & Welfare, Payette, Saint Al's Staff, Boise, Saint Al's Arthritis Group, Boise
   One of My Favorite Quotes

Fully Alive
I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me,

To make me more accessible, to loosen my heart

Until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise.

I choose to risk my significance;

To live so that which came to me as seed

Goes to the next as blossom, and that which came to me as blossom

Goes on as fruit.
˜ Dawn Markova ˜

© Lori Clinch Adams, 2003-2011




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