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TVCC Ontario, OR Class 10/08

TVCC, Ontario OR Class 10/08

I've always been a walker, but it took a good hour to feel that I really did enough. I felt I should have a better workout so then I started jogging.  I got discouraged with that because my toes and my knees ache when the weather turns cooler, so jogging became painful.  I feel Nordic Walking is perfect for me to feel fit from the workout and refreshed from the outdoors.
Carla K, Fruitland, ID August 2009

Recently I participated in Lori's Nordic Pole Walking classes.  I told her afterwards, I really loved both my mountain and road bikes, along with vigorous workouts on my Nordic Track at home, and didn't know how much I would use walking poles.  Fortunately, my son had adjustable hiking poles so I tried them in the mountains after Lori's classes.  With two knee surgeries in my history, I found the poles very helpful both up and down hill climbing.  They took a bit of the strain off my knee.  Not only that, but negotiating muddy areas and walking over fallen trees, I was delightfully surprised to find how handy my poles came in. 
The classes gave me the basics for form and technique that I needed.  I look forward to bringing my poles along on my next hike!
Therese B, Boise, ID August 2009

I have walked most everyday for fresh air and exercise but since trying Nordic Walking I can feel a great benefit to upper body strength as well.  I have also noticed an improvement to my posture in walking making my back feel less tired. Seems my entire day is just better. Lori has an attitude with an engery that just makes it fun.  Her knowledge of health benefits seems to help each and every person with whatever special need they may have.  Young and old would enjoy Lori and Nordic Walking.    
Sandy Plaza, Ontario, OR   October 2008 (TVCC Class)

If you want an opportunity to get off the sofa and get moving, try Lori Adam's Nordic Walking class! Lori is a skilled instructor who inspires and encourages even the faint hearted. The class is appropriate for all fitness levels and offers specific tools for those with physical limitations.    
Vi Fisher, Ontario, OR   October 2008  (TVCC Class)

 I like walking and the Nordic Poles have contributed so much to my walking pleasure.  My posture and balance are improving, my knees are protected and burning more calories per mile is an important plus. 
I initially had a private instructional session with Lori and then when the course opened up at our local Community College (TVCC), I chose to take the additional instruction and also to benefit from becoming acquainted with more nordic walkers in my community.
 Thank you Lori! -- you are an excellent instructor in teaching the important techniques of Nordic Walking.  It is fun, and I highly recommend it at every opportunity. I am feeling more and more at one with the poles and even feel sometimes like I am "gliding"  (never on gravel though!).   Thanks for everything.
Sam Ebright, Ontario, OR   October 2008 (TVCC class)

I have been so pleased and so surprised at what a wonderful benefit the nordic pole walking has been  for me.  Having been a long time walker it is like starting over.  My upper body gets as much workout as my legs, my posture has improved with the poles and up and down hills are so much easier and better.  I am sure glad I found it. Thanks.
Bill,   October 2008 (TVCC Class)

I have found Nordic Pole Walking to be much more than your average walk. My arms also get a workout and I find myself standing taller as Nordic Pole Walking encourages head up, shoulders back walking. And, it is fun! 
Susan Barton, Nyssa, OR  October 2008 (TVCC class)

Wow, what a surprise!
The Nordic Pole Walking I did with Lori was the most 'all around workout' I have ever experienced.
I could feel results in my belly, legs, arms, .....everything.
Lori's encouraging attitude and guidance made the experience a lot of fun too.
I recommend it to anyone.
Big Thanks, Lori!
James Smith, Boise, ID  August 2008   (Shu's Idaho Running Co. Nordic Walking Clinic)

This has got to be one of Lori's biggest success stories.  Before leaving Victoria, BC to move to Prince George BC, I had just enough time to take one class of Nordic Walking with Lori. I took to it like a fish takes to water and I have been doing it ever since.  I was looking for a means of exercising that was not overly strenuous. Nordic Walking, which also gives the upper part of the body a light workout seemed like the perfect thing.

 The adjustment of moving from beautiful Victoria BC to Prince George in Northern British Columbia was a difficult one. I largely credit the Nordic Walking for helping me to make this transition. It caused me to get out and to look for the best place to do my walking and that was along the Fraser River. The exercise and the scenery did lift my spirits, which, at the time, was badly needed. I also started blogging and the first blog I wrote about Prince George was about my Nordic Walking.

 My experience with Nordic Walking along with photos can be found at: www.travelpod.com/members/lobo

 Click on Prince George and Blog No. 1  Don't be put off by the title:  "Give Me Two Stiff Drinks and I Will Do It"

 So in retrospect, thanks Lori for getting me going on this form of exercise     W. Samann - Prince George BC

 " I want to add a note of appreciation at introducing me to Nordic Walking as I find I am able to resume hiking and walking greater distances as I now have considerably less pain (osteoarthritis) in my knees.
The poles take the impact, not my knees.
As a Fitness Trainer in the business for 24 years, this is a new way to continue in my field of training others with similar conditions. Thank you. "  Beth Bexrud, Port Moody, BC  May 2007
Dear Lori, Thank you again in including my husband and I in your nordic walking program.
I have a 'dead balance organ' and arthritis in my hands; however I was able to walk with the poles. I got help adjusting them and I will be able to walk up and down inclines and even on fine gravel. We spent 4 x 1 hour in lessons and I learned more each time. I especially appreciate that your slower walkers and their problems were discussed and that we were encouraged. Self-esteem goes up a long way with stamina.
Also Doug my husband has a disability on his right side after a motorcycle accident affected his arm and leg.  We now may be able to go walking together with these poles. Thanks again
Clare & Doug Finlay, Sardis BC  May 2007
Hi Everyone, My name is Arlene and I am 68 years old. I met Lori in March/07 and began one of her Nordic Pole Walking Programs for Seniors in my area. The lesson was once per week for 12 weeks.
Each lesson was in a new and different park or trail and Lori took us into areas that I didn't even know existed.
I found that using the Fittrek poles decreased strain and  pain in my knees, hips and back; and even after the lesson, there was no pain in my joints.
I also belong to a gym and the week before I began the pole lessons, I weighed in which also took in body fat percentage. My last week of pole walking lessons I weighed in once again and discovered that I'd lost almost 1% of body fat and gained 2 pounds of lean muscle!
I will miss Lori and my pole walking lessons but I'm glad I found a new way to go walking.
Arlene, Retired Nurse, Abbotsford, BC  May 2007

As a child in 1952 I was struck down with the polio virus.  I did not develop any paralysis at that time and was able to attend school and do what every child does at that age.  Some 40 years later I was struck with what is call the "polio wall".  I went from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair in a matter of six months.  That was in 1999 and in 2001 I met a personal trainer who worked mostly with people with disabilities and used the Swiss ball to increase your core strength.  Polio weakens your core strength.  This lady worked with me twice weekly for six months and then I was able to get out of my wheelchair, to walk again with the walker and a few months after that the cane, and eventually after a year I was walking alone without any aids.  This was a great achievement but I wanted more.

 I met Lori Clinch and she introduced me to the Nordic Walking Poles.  I was immediately impressed as I had been wanting to do more physical exercise, but as you can well understand, I had to be very careful what I chose.  I purchased the walking sticks in November.  I started out with 10 minutes, then 15 and am now walking approximately 15 to 30 minutes a day, depending on the weather.  I walk taller, hold myself more upright, breathe deeper, have greater lung capacity, have more energy and the crowning glory is that I have lost 8 pounds, and 2 inches off my waistline and an inch off my stomach.  I am very happy with my results in such a short period of time.  I encourage everyone to try the walking poles.  You will feel great!!  I look forward to more weight loss and inches.  Summer is coming so let's get out there and do some pole walking!!

Kathy R., Victoria BC  February 2006

After years of trying to find a way to make exercise a part of my daily life,  I've finally found  something that's easy to do, yet gives a full body workout.
I first read about Nordic Walking in the Vancouver Sun and then in the Times Colonist. What piqued my my interest was the statement:
    " 30 minutes Nordic Walking = 50 minutes regular walking ".To get 2/3's more workout for the same amount of time is appealing. 
At this time, I am walking only 20-30 minutes most days. I feel stronger, feel my posture straightening up, I walk taller and I feel good doing I've just signed up for the Colonist 10 K walk and can hardly believe myself.  At 69 ---my goal is to do whatever I can to stay as healthy as I can.  Since exercise is a must, I'm happy to find something that feels good to do and gives maximum exercise for time spent.  

Lillian C., Mill Bay, BC March 2006

As a member of the Hillside Club Mall Walking Club, I began using walking poles about six weeks ago (Nov. '05) I have osteoporosis and with two fractures in my back, I needed to walk with two canes. When using these poles, I am in a more upright position because the grips are placed vertically on the poles at the desired level, instead of horizontally as on a cane. I feel that my balance has improved and with the extra arm movement I get a better upper-body workout. I enjoy my walking poles and plan to use them as long as I am able. I am 79 years of age.

Dennis J, Victoria BC Feb 2006


Also as a daily walker, I have rheumatoid arthritis which occasionally causes problems. One of the features I appreciate about my walking poles is the flared support at the base of the hand grip, which allows me to use my poles without firmly grasping them, thus relieving the pressure on my hands, while still getting the full cardiovascular benefit. Both Dennis and I are looking forward to trying them out on some of the many walking trails around Victoria.

 Dorothy J (wife of Dennis), Victoria BC Feb 2006

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