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Aqua Jogger

AquaVee Pilates Plus Kit - Small (24-32 inch waist)

AquaVee Pilates Plus Kit - Small (24-32 inch waist)


AquaVee ® Pilates Plus Kit Combining aquatic exercise with Pilates... Poolates!

The AquaVee ® Pilates Plus Kit from ActiveForever is a complete water workout system designed for use in your own pool. The AquaVee consists of resistance bands with suction cups on the ends that attach to your pool. While attached you can hook the bands up to your arms and legs and begin your exercise routine. This system utilizes different resistance bands to offer the best Pilates Training. The benefits of water exercises are endless. Consumers in today's marketplace are finding ways to utilize their own environments for everything from water aerobics, rehabilitation needs, strength training and basic exercise enjoyment. AquaVee ® Pilates Plus Kits are beneficial in that you can swim in place, lose weight, tone muscle, rehabilitate and maintain current fitness levels all within the comfort and security of your own backyard pool. The AquaVee ® Pilates Plus Kit includes a mesh carrying case for travel, resistance bands, resistance cups for secure attachment to your pool, an owner's manual and an instructional DVD. Purchase your AquaVee Pilates Plus Kit from ActiveForever today.

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