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Treating Cancer With Herbs
Treating Cancer With Herbs
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In this book, Dr. Tierra provides a complete, systematic approach to treating cancer from a holistic perspective, while detailing the entire range of herbs and herbal medicines available to the practitioner and the patient alike.
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Foundation for Cancer Research and Wellness is committed to providing and advancing research, education, advocacy and support of and for least-toxic and minimally-invasive cancer prevention and treatment practices.


According to Executive Director Michael Gingerich, husband of a breast cancer survivor:


  • Through its New ERA Cancer Research Fund, FCRW intends to lead the quest to provide research funding into least-toxic and minimally-invasive cancer prevention and treatment options. FCRW has a specific emphasis in understanding the links between nutrition, the environment and cancer. Research to demonstrate these links and the required cultural and lifestyle changes ranks as a top priority.


  • Another primary goal of FCRW is to teach “integrative cancer care” - to provide accurate, up-to-date information on mobilizing the “whole person” in cancer prevention and recovery.   FCRW’s goal is nothing less than to transform cancer prevention and care.


  • FCRW seeks to establish a new paradigm in healthcare - to move the U.S. healthcare system from a “sick-care” system to a “well-care” system. This is a massive cultural shift and requires training broad segments of society to see themselves as the primary source of health and healing.
  • FCRW provides direct help now.  Through its ground-breaking international "Tele-Support Network" and counseling, persons living with cancer receive personal consultation and support on the many aspects of integrative cancer care.


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