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HEALTHY HABITS- Together we discover and list your habits that are deterrents/hindrances to your pursuit of a Healthy & Well Lifestyle. We tackle them and work to eliminate each one, replacing them with an opposite complimentary and healthy choice.


Minimum 6 week commitment; tackling 1 habit/week.


  • Eliminating Negative Self Talk & Condemnation
  • Eliminating Processed Sugar from diet;  replacing with naturally sweet, unprocessed foods
  • Incorporating more vegetables into diet
  • Increasing healthy hydration; decreasing sugar-based  or artificial sweetener-based drinks
  • Increasing more plant-based protein into diet; decreasing flesh-based protein from diet
  • Decreasing man-made, heart and vein-clogging fats; increasing heart-healthy fats into diet
  • Discovering and commencing a fun and enjoyable physical activity; decrease daily physical inactivity



Option I: 6 x 30 min telephone coaching sessions $110

Option II: Each 30 minute session thereafter $18

Option III: Purchase a 10 session package and save 15% for  $155

Option IV: 6 x 45 minute telephone coaching session $160

Option V: Each 45 minute session thereafter $26

Option VI: Purchase a 10 session package and save 15% for $224


Email:  lori@health-adventure-coach.com OR lori.healthadventurcoach@gmail.com

Phone: Office (863) 268-4404  Mobile (863) 662-1225

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