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Lori, Your Personal Trainer

Lori, your Health Adventure Coach is your best choice for health club, outdoor, at-home exercise programs for yourself or with friends or co-workers. Lori will provide you with safe and effective exercise form and techniques for your chosen program. You can be confident that Lori will implement the components that are most suitable for your level and ability, being mindful of your limitations or health concerns. See what others say about Lori:[here]
What will LORIs Personal Training provide for me?
* Accountability

* Support, Encouragement, Inspiration
: Individual one-on-one attention and support

* Time Freedom: By eliminating ineffective workouts that take too much time

* Success: Achieving desired results

* Improvement: On your overall fitness - 
                         Cardiovascular Health 
                                 Muscular Strength & Endurance

 * Safety: Instructing you with correct -
                Use of fitness equipment
                Form and technique
                Warm ups & Cool Downs

  * Increased Knowledge: Instruction in new exercises, routines

 * Lifestyle Wellness Enhancement
: Incorporating nutritional, stress-releasing healthy habits & principles into your daily living



 *  An Enjoyable, Fun Workout: Creating a program that keeps you interested, with variety and newness
Health Adventure Coach's Classes, Programs & Workouts for you:
All classes can be facilitated for one-on-one, private groups, community/public groups, workplace wellness, organizations etc.
Pedometer Walking                            With software for PC - track aerobic steps, calorie burn, body fat loss, distance..AND with optional online food tracker, nutrition plan.
Powerbelt Adventure Walking            Burn up to 71% more calories than regular walking! 
Nordic Pole Walking
             - balance & stability
             - beginner basics
             - cardio-endurance
             - speed & races
             - muscular strength & endurance
             - trekking & hill-climbing
Total Body-Burst Adventure           4, 8 or 12 minute intense interval workouts       
Health Adventure Fit Camp            Think a " bootcamp" fun workout
JumpSnap                                      Jump into fun with JumpSnap, the new ropeless jump rope that not only counts jumps, calories burned and the duration of your workout [see 'Skipping' for product]
Powerbelt Fit Camp                       Total body workout with powerbelt, walking and bodywork
Poling Plus                                    Walking workouts designed to increase intensity, anaerobic strength and muscular endurance. Equipment: Nordic walking poles and body weight.Components: vary in terrain, elevations and intensity.
Poling Expedition                          In addition to the conditioning modalities of Fittrek Plus, add plyometrics, agilty skills and environmental challenges. Not for the faint of heart!
Weight Loss      in combination with nutrition tracking programs
Pedometer Walking
Pole Walking
Fit Camp
Pre/Post Natal
Pedometer Walking or Stroller-ing
Stroller-ing Fit Camp
Older Adult       - walking
                         - poling
                         - balance/stability
                         - cardio-endurance
                         - toning and muscular strength
                         - functional fitness

Exercise Exploration

Finding An Activity You Enjoy To Get Your Body Moving

Have you been a person who has always hated to exercise, never finding one activity that you really enjoyed and could see yourself implementing it in a personal regimen?

Sometimes our personality, how we feel about ourselves or our body image or a health condition inhibits even our investigation or pursuit in experimenting with a new activity.

Lori herself used to struggle with these issues so she can personally relate to your struggle to get moving and enjoy it.

Lori has found several exercise activities that she really enjoys and loves to discover new ones and introduce them to others.

Lori is your best  Exercise Exploration Coach to assist you on your journey to get your body moving and have fun while doing so.

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